Green Poem: An Environmental Poem on

Green Poem: An Environmental Poem on

The Greens Admin, Wed 21st, Mar 2018, 08:34

Our actions and Impact

The earth we fill with smoke and dirt

Ourselves we kill because we can’t breathe good air


Once clean seas and water now choked with waste;

Drink we fear coz death might make haste


The soil that used to be pure and full of

Life is now barren making farmers to strife


Our home we tear, in hope she'll care.

Behold she's scared and screams in tears

And then we fear and suffer in tears

just because we didn't care.


Let's protect Mother Earth so that she can protect us


This poem is written by Tubuo Laura, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of The Greens.

At The Greens, we promote creative writing and Poetry for Environmentalism (Green Poetry). Through Poetry, we have been able to inspire and engage young people in schools and communities to write poems for the environment.

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