Green School

Green School

In 2010, we initiated the Beautiful Clean Green Schools Project and our pioneer beneficiary was Gratitude Bilingual Nursery and Primary School at Mile 3 Nkwen in Bamenda, the North West Region of Cameroon.

There we created Gratitude Green Club, our pioneer school environmental club with over 100 pupils as members who actively participated in our environmental education and action programs

<center>*Gratitude Green Club*</center>


From Gratitude Green Club, we went to C.B.C Menda, a baptist primary School and then to P.S Ntambessi, a presbyterian primary School where we created two more Green Clubs.


<center>*C.B.C Menda Green Club*</center>


<center>*P.S Ntabesse Green Club*</center>


Then we had Government Practising School (G.P.S) at Ntahsatan, Shamah Bilingual Nursery and Primary School at Ndamukong, All Saints Bilingual Nursery and Primary School and Educare Bilingual Nursery and Primary School join our list of school environmental clubs.


We later on changed the name of the project to Green Schools and signed up the following schools;

1. Goverment Practising School at G.M.I

2. Government Bilingual High School Bali

3. Government High School Mbiame

4. Government High School Kedjom-Keku

5. Government Nursery School Nkwen Palace

6. Government Bilingual High School Down-Town

7. University of Bamenda

8. Government Technical College Nkeung

9. CAMSCI Bilingual Nursery and Primary School

10. P.N.S Early Childhood Education Center Ntamulung

Some of the major activities we carry out in our school environmental clubs include;

1. Environmental education

Our education programs have reached out to over one million students in schools and given over ten thousand students environmental leadership opportunities via the Green Clubs.

![Environmental Education.jpg](

2. Tree planting

![tree planting.jpg](

3. Anti-Litter campaign

![Anti Litter.jpg](



4. Environmental Advocacy and Awareness Raising Campaigns



5. Hikes and nights at the forest


6. Arts


7. Sports