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The Greens Goes Wild for Life

The Greens Admin, Tue 7th, Jun 2016, 10:27


Go Wild 4 Life!

In a bid to commemorate and celebrate the World Environment Day 2016, The Greens in collaboration with the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development for the North West Region (MINEPDED-NWR) and the Network of Environmental Stakeholders Cameroon (NEST-Cam) organized week long activities that commenced on Tuesday the 31st of May with a Press Conference at the Regional Delegation of MINEPDED Conference Hall. The Press conference was attended by more than 15 representatives of the civil society organizations who joined the Regional Delegate, Mr Moma Henry and his staff to discuss issues relating to the World Environment Day theme “Zero tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade” and slogan “Go wild for life” with press men and women from diverse media houses in the region led by Kusi Mercy of Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV).

Wednesday the 1st of June witnessed a fleet of environmentalists under the leadership of the Regional Delegate of MINEPDED-NWR and the Chairman of NEST-Cam, Mr Njamsi Nelson journey to the village of Chomba in Mezam Division of the North West Region for tree planting at the Atualah Catchment in Chomba. The entire team was warmly received by the Secretary General of Chomba Development and Cultural Association (CHODECA) who conveyed them to the water catchment area. It wasn’t an easy task going up the steep hills of the (sshead of the village) water catchment area as our vehicles got stuck in the mud as well as we had to carry more than 400 Trees and trekked for more than 45 minutes up the hills to the water catchment area. The team which comprised of more than 25 persons planted the trees and as a recommendation agreed to establish a community tree nursery around the water catchment area so as curb the carrying of trees from down the village to the water catchment which was quite a tedious task. Next to the planting was the grand reception offered by HRM Fon Forbusi Martin Asanji who appreciated the efforts of the environmentalists and called on them to remember Chomba in all their environmental endeavors. 

Thursday 2nd of June began as early as 05:00AM when the Regional Delegate of MINEPDED-NWR, Chairman of NEST-Cam, Coordinator of CIRMAD, Coordinator of SURUDEV, Coordinator and students of National Polytechnic Bamenda Environmental Club and Coordinator of The Greens joined CRTV journalists Precilia Agendia and Suzanne Bell on the Morning Highlands Radio Show to discuss issues relating to illegal wildlife trade and draw public attention to the world environment day. 

This was followed by a throng of pupils and students from primary schools, secondary and high schools, Universities and Professional schools who stumped and filled both the conference hall and offices of the Regional Delegation of MINEPDED-NW for the World Environment Day Quiz. Coordinated by The Greens and NEST-Cam, the one-hour quiz ended successfully with the 9 young people selected as World Environment Day Quiz Champions. 

Friday 3rd of June marked the great Hike and Night At the Forest. Coordinated by The Greens, Kedjom-Keku, CCESN, Better World Cameroon and Y’ems Group, 44 people comprising of 3 Divisional Delegates, the Chairman of NEST-Cam and his civil society organizations, staff of MINEPDED-NWR and Regional Delegate of MINEPDED hiked to the Tubah Upland Forest to assess the state of the forest and its biodiversity worth. Being a habitat to the critically endangered and endemic Pan troglodytes ellioti as well as lots of endemic and endangered flora and fauna, the Afromontane forest was discovered during the hike to be highly fragmented and fast degrading as a result of conversion of forest for agriculture and pasture, bush fires and over hunting. Led by Martin Mikes, a Czech volunteer and Coordinator of Kedjom-keku, the more than 3 hours’ hike ended with beautiful music from Vanilla City, forest refreshment and strong deliberations on establishing a road map to conserve the remaining patches of the Afromontane forest. The departure of the Regional Delegate and his entourage at about 05:00PM paved way more than 27 Environmental Activist to stay for A Night at the Forest.                                       

In very few words, it was a fun filled night.

On Saturday 4th June witnessed symbolic tree planting led by Farmer Tantoh an Ashoka Fellow at Bamenda University of Science and Technology as well as a radio programs; “Green Radio” from 10:00 – 11:00AM by The Greens at Radio Abakwa, FM 99.0 and “Your Environment with SURUDEV” from 12:00 – 12:30PM by SURUDEV at Radio Hot Cocoa, FM 94.0.

Because June 5th was Sunday, World Environment Day activities were moved to Monday 6th June at MINEPAT Hall Up-Station. The commemoration and celebration presided over by the representative of the North West Governor, Mr Macoge Ivo who serves Inspector General at the North West Governor’s office began with the singing of the National Anthem and then a word of welcome from the Regional Delegate of MINEPDED-NWR, reading of the UN Secretary General’s message, music, drama, academic presentation, prize award to the world environment day quiz champions, Governor’s speech and finally a visit to the exhibition stands of the various civil society organizations of the North West Region.

In the North West, we went wild for life!