Celebrating World AIDS Day Via Poetry and Music

Celebrating World AIDS Day Via Poetry and Music

The Greens Admin, Mon 5th, Dec 2016, 08:21

It was another exiting moment as we all gathered to celebrate World Aids Day under the banner of Black Swagger Poetry Slam on the 27th November 2016 at the Blue Pearl hotel conference hall. 


Black Swagger Poetry Slam is an Educative and Entertaining Show which brings together Poetry, Literal Arts and Culture lovers in an extravaganza of Poetry Writing, Reading, Spoken Word, Dramatization, Music and more with the main objective of promoting Performances by North West Poets and Enthusiasts as well as Singers and Local Artists from the North West Region.


Black Swagger is a clarion call for us Africans to embrace who we are and to use our own resources to develop our Continent. BLACK SWAGGER affirms that we can enjoy poetry.


In this months edition, the focus was on the UNAIDS theme “Hands up for the fight against HIV AIDS”. Poetry lovers from all parts of Bamenda gathered to share strong messages on AIDS via poetry and music. 

As the whole world were preparing to raise their hands to fights AIDS, we were raising our voices via poetry and music to fight AIDS. 

We had great poems from amazing poets like Dr. Fodjo Gladys of the University of Bamenda, Mofor Emmanuel from F2 Productions in Bamenda, Mofor Christian, a young poet from The University of Bamenda and the youngest poet in Balck Swagger, Cheri Ann, and a host of others, who through their various poems inspired and motivated the audience of over 150 to engage in the fight against HIV AIDS. They all emphasized on “knowing your status”, “Zero new infections”, and “Zero Stigmatization”.


The event as usual was equally graced by great songs from both uprising artists like Lord E, Mao and already established artists like peacemaker who equally through their various songs demonstrated the need for us to fight HIV AIDS in every way we can.


It was again another privilege for us at The Greens to blend poetry and music, and use it as a tool to raise awareness on pertinent issues in our society. 


As we look forward to another edition of Black Swagger Poetry Slam coming up next January 2017, we look forward to seeing you and remember to Stay Green!