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Black Swagger Poetry Slam

The Greens Admin, Tue 7th, Jun 2016, 09:35

Black Swagger Poetry Slam - May 2016 Edition

In what can be described as a show of exquisite creativity, The Greens joined La Liberte Arts Group, Y’ems Group, CCESN and Sisters Speak 237 to celebrate the 44th National Day of Africa in Miniature, Cameroon using poetry under the theme Patriotism. Attended by more than 70 patriotic poetry lovers at the banquet hall of Necla Hotel on Sunday 22nd May 2016, the creative crew used Poetry, Music and Comedy to educate and inspire her audience to become more patriotic.

Featuring during the event were great musical presentations from artists like Vanilla City Entertainment, poems like “Green Patriotism” from Ngalim Franklin (Mr. Green), and lots of interesting stuff that left the audience marveled.

Over the years, The Greens has officially supported and sponsored more than 9 monthly editions of the Black Swagger Poetry Slam.

Black Swagger is a clarion call for Africans to embrace who they are and inspire them to leverage their creative power to develop their continent. The monthly event is not about color but about character. Black Swagger is about attitude not position. It’s about celebrating Africa’s strength not cry about its weakness. Join us to celebrate every month!

# IAmBlack. #IAmPatriotic. #IAmCameroon.

Above: Stanley N. Sheni (Director of projects and programs) presenting a poem written by Hon. Tang Tassi on ‘Live and Leave A Legacy’ as well as him participating in La Liberte Arts group's poetry drama.                  

 Above: The SG of The Greens, Yembe Nfor on the left, La Liberte Arts Group in the middle and the Founder/President of The Greens, Ngalim Franklin leveraging their creative potentials. 

Above: The event featured music, comedy, poetry and lots of fun!

The After Party!

Every month, The Greens celebrates creativity through Black Swagger Poetry Slam! In June, we shall be celebrating the Environment through Arts. Join us!