Stanley N Sheni
- Director of Projects and Programs

Stanley Ngee Sheni is the Director of Projects and Programs at The Green and content manager at Y’ems Group Inc, an IT company in Bamenda and partner to The Greens. He was born on the 11th August 1994 in Ndu.

Stanley’s passion for the environment and nature started as far back as 2005, when he joined the natures club of the Mvog-Betsi Botanical garden in Yaounde Cameroon and since then, his love for the environment has grown continuesly. About nine years later, he has this great opportunity to be part of The Greens, which he accepts without thinking twice.

 Before obtaining his BBA, Stanley has been volunteering with The Greens since 2014, his passion for the environment led him to The Greens and has kept him here till date.