Richard and Monica Jeffers
- Green Elders

Since 2012, Papa J and Mama J have been supporting The Greens. They are one the financial pillars of the organization and have donated cash and equipment (Computer, Printer/Photocopier, Camera, etc) worth over $10000. In 2014, Papa J visited The Greens Headquarters in Bamenda - Cameroon during which he served in a lot of projects and programs such as being "Santa Claus" during our Green Christmas party. Back in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A, Papa J and Mama J are very active in keeping their streets and communities clean through our Adopt A Street Program which has even earned us "The Family of Jeffers/Greens Street" in Phoenix.

Besides being Green Elders, Papa J and Mama J are mentors, counselors, friends, parents and family to every member of The Greens.