Nfor Yembe Carl Leslie
- Secretary General

I'm a Tech and Environmental Enthusiast and Entrepreneur who has spent many years discovering Information and Communication Technologies with the aim of using them to make the Development of People, Organizations and Communities fun and to raise awareness about the Environment and what people can do to contribute towards Painting the World Green.

To increase my knowledge, I studied Management at the University of Buea where I obtained a BSc. in Management, followed up extra courses in Environmental Awareness, Entrepreneurship, Management and ICT and I'm completing studies in Executive Reform and Strategic Enterprise Development to obtain an MBA at the University of Bamenda. 

As Secretary General, I am the boring arm of The Greens 😉😉😉 basically doing nothing important... just taking care of paper work and ensuring we set and meet our strategic targets.

I love watching movies, nature, computers, listening singing (annoyingly) to beautiful music and taking long walks (because I don't have a car).

Join us as we strive to Paint the World Green... while having lots of FUN...