Malika Sarr
- Volunteer


Since I can remember I was interested in animals, plants and the whole nature. When I grew older, I decided to go to a school which focused on natural science, so I could learn more about the interrelations inside nature. There I was also able to participate in environmental youth exchange programs and developed a huge interest in getting to know different cultures. 
After I finished school I had the chance to do an internship at the „ONG Villageois de Ndem“ in Senegal which focuses on sustainable rural development. Finally, I decided to study Geoecology. 
Everytime I think about it, I find it impressive how powerful the nature is and what remedies it has to offer for us. Unfortunately in many countries, there is a big loss of knowledge on plants in general and especially on their healing properties. To restore this knowledge could be a great help for many people and the future generations. All that is why I’m happily looking forward to be part of the project „Green Health for All“  and I hope I can learn a lot and help spreading the knowledge on herbal medicine.