Colby (Shey) and Mallory Jeffers
- International Coordinators - Phoenix, Arizona

Shey Colby and Yah Mallo have served as International Coordinatorsnational Coordinators for The Greens ever since their first visit to Cameroon in June 2012. In 2012, they started the Sunnyslope Junior Youth Group which has actively been engaging young people to make their lives, communities and the world a better place. In 2014, they made a second visit to Cameroon together with Richard Jeffers (Papa J) and Brian Roth (Clydesdale) during which they actively participated in projects and programs such as Green Radio, Adopt A Street, Tree planting, a video documentary for The Greens, music, etc.

Shey Colby and Yah Mallo are true global citizens who believe in the oneness of humanity, oness of God and the oneness of our planet, Earth.