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May 2016 - Black Swagger Poetry Slam

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May 2016 - Black Swagger Poetry Slam

Sun 22nd May

#IAmPatriotic #IAmCameroon 

The Greens joins La Liberte Arts Group in the presentation of Black Swagger Poetry Slam.

Black Swagger is a clarion call for Africans to embrace who they are and inspire them to use their own resources to developed their continent. 

The focus on Poetry is as a result of the seemly extinct nature of poetry, it is fast dying despite being a great genre of arts.


Black Swagger is about Altitude not Position

Black Swagger is about celebrating Africa’s strength not cry about its weakness. 

This month, we celebrate "Patriotism" using Poetry.

Watch out for remarkable poems such as "Environmental Patriotism" from poets from The Greens such as Mr. Green (Ngalim Franklin), Yembe Nfor and Stan the Man (Stanley Sheni). 

Join us at Necla Hotel, Food Market Road on Sunday 22nd April 2016 at 06:00PM to celebrate patriotism. 

#IAmPatriotic #IAmCameroon