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Kedjom-keku Environmental Day 2018

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Kedjom-keku Environmental Day 2018

Thu 29th Mar, 08:00 to 29th Mar 2018

On Thursday 29th March 2018 Kedjom-keku CASUD, La Liberte Arts Group and  The Greens will be launching the pioneer edition of Kedjom-keku Environmental Day under the theme "People of the forests". Some activities and conservation contests that will feature on this environmental day include;

Kedjom-Keku Environmental Poetry Competition (30,000CFAF)

Kedjom-Keku Environmental Arts Competition (30,000CFAF)

Kedjom-Keku Environmental Singing Competition (60,000CFAF)

Kedjom-Keku Environmental Drama Competition (60,000CFAF)

Kedjom-Keku Traditional Dance for Environment Competition (60,000CFAF)

Kedjom-Keku Environmental Race for Men (45,000CFAF)

Kedjom-Keku Environmental Race for Women (45,000CFAF)

Theme: “People of the Forest”

Can you compose and sing a conservation song or an environmental song about the forests of Kedjom Keku?

Can you draw something unique about the forests of Kedjom-Keku?

Can you and your friends write and act a drama about People of the forest?

Can you write a beautiful poem about the forests of Kedjom-Keku or People of the forest?

Can you and your friends dance the forest dance?

Can you run like a man or woman from the forest?

YES! You can participate in the Kedjom-Keku Conservation Competitions which will hold on Thursday 29th March 2018 @ 08:00AM at the Kedjom-Keku Fon’s Palace. Participation is FREE!!!

Deadline for Registration or Submission of Entries: Tuesday 27th March 2018


Contact: 680 558 972, 671 822 424