Earth Day 2016: Trees for the Earth

Earth Day 2016: Trees for the Earth

Mon 6th Jun

"No Trees, No life" -  The Greens 2016

Join The Greens, CCESN, Y'ems Group, Franco-Cameroonian Alliance, Better World Cameroon and Kedjom-Keku, to commemorate and celebrate Earth Day 2016 with theme "Trees for the Earth"

We, guardians of the Earth, call on all citizens of the Earth to celebrate the Earth by planting at least one tree. Follow the words of the Founder/Program Coordinator of CCESN, Chia Conrad: "Every human deserves a tree, offer someone a tree and plant a tree"  Join us to plant trees for the Earth.

On Earth Day, The Greens relaunches her website: and re-activates her Green Trees Campaign which is a global campaign that strives to plant 7 Billion Green Trees. At The Greens, a green tree is 4 Trees; 1 for food/water, 1 one for shade (climate),  1 for medicine and one for beauty.

Activities for our Earth Day 2016 in Kedjom Keku (Big Babanki) and Bamenda include

  • 07:30AM - Earth day talk, Poems and songs talk at Government High School (G.H.S) and Government Technical School (G.T.C) Kedjom keku
  • 07:50AM - Symbolic tree planting of the Newtonia camerunensis, an endemic and endangered tree specie found only in the Kilum-Ijim and Tubah Upland Forests of the Bamenda Highlands of the North West Region
  • 12:00PM - Training on "Understanding Climate Change" at G.H.S Kedjom Keku
  • 12:30PM - Movie screening: Dr Seuss - The Lorax
  • 02:00PM - Planting of trees at G.H.S Kedjom Keku
  • 02:30PM - Advocacy March from G.H.S Kedjom Keku to Kedjom Keku Market Square
  • 03:00PM - Movie screening: Wall E at Franco-Cameroonian Alliance Hall at Veterinary Junction Bamenda.
  • Any Time - Global Tree planting. Everyone everywhere should plant a tree for Mother Earth.
  • Saturday 23rd April 2016, 10:00 - 11:00AM: Earth Day Radio at Abakwa FM Radio, FM 99.0

May 2016: A Night at the Forest. The Greens and partners hike to Abongfen, Tubah Upland Forest. There we spend a night at Mountain Mystic School during which there shall be a burn fire, barbecue, traditional dance, fun time, etc. Next, we sensitize the forest-adjacent community of Abongfen on the impacts of deforestation and the need for reforestation and join the community to plant trees at the forest.

Tree planting under The Greens’ Green Trees Campaign shall immediately follow these activities for the rest of year.