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Fundraising for Waste Business Hub

The Greens Admin, Mon 17th, Jul 2017, 09:45

My change-Maker Friends, Today we finalize our last online fundraising campaign for the project Waste Business Hub and our goal is to raise more than $500 before the end of the month and i believe we can do it. I believe together, we can explore the treasure in trash and contribute to alleviate poverty and youth unemployment, improve agriculture and biodiversity conservation, improve health and wellbeing, reduce inequalities as well as combat climate change and promote sustainable cities and communities. Support Waste Business Hub on DonorSee @
For those who cannot donate online, please you can send your donations via MTN or Orange Mobile Money to 676243136 or 697927987.
Special thanks to all those who had supported us (
Emery, Colby, Franziska,Mbiyzdenyuy Lukáš Carol Shell and Beatrix) via Generosity. We used your donations to purchase a Singer Sewing Machine and this has greatly improved our training and production capacity.
To realize the goal of our last online fundraising campaign, i need;
100 friends who will support the project with $1
50 friends who will support our project with $5, 
25 friends who will support the project with $10, 
10 friends who will support the project with $50,
5 friends who will support the project with $100, and 1 friend who will support the project, in grand style. Are you one of the people who will be supporting us????? 


 Permit me launch the fundraising by calling on 10 of my very good friends to support the project with at least $1 or a comment tagging 5 persons and a post share: Stanley Sheni, Yembe Nfor Mbiyzdenyuy PaulFondzeyuf Valery Phellan Suzzy Dzouato Bonaventure Che Francis Wirsiy Odette Dc Gevala Esengeh CJ Solace Torres
Support us on DonorSee @
Thanks for supporting us. 
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