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Forests in Focus Photo Contest 2016

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Forests in Focus Photo Contest 2016

Forests offer us an array of benefits: They provide oxygen and absorb pollution from the air that we breathe, filter more than half the water we drink and are home to more than 80 percent the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. They’re also pretty nice to look at!

That’s why last year, American Forests began their annual photo contest in hopes of awarding recognition to photographers who capture the beauty of our planet’s forests.

Contest Dates

All contest entries must be submitted between July 18 and September 1, 2016.

What We’re Looking For

The contest is open to amateurs and professionals. Photographers must be the ones to submit the photo(s), to which they own all rights. This year, we are taking entries for the following categories:

  • Forest Landscapes
  • Big, Beautiful Trees
  • Forest Wildlife
  • Forest Recreation
  • Green Cities

You can submit up to 3 photos per category and 10 in total. They must be in digital format, taken at the highest resolution possible — at least 300 dpi at 3,000 pixels on the longest side.  

More details of the contest are available at